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Kanye West; The World’s First Pregnant Man

Earlier this week Kanye West put out on social media that he was going to be carrying him and Kim’s fourth child himself. While rumors have been circulating for a while as to whether or not the West family was gaining a new addition, no one could have guessed that it would be Kanye carrying the child. Without going into detail, West explained in his social media post that new technology has been developed to place an artificial womb inside of his abdomen where they can then implant a fertilized egg and grow a full human child. Although the preparation process will be painful I know that in the end it will have all been worth it to be able to experience the wonder of life. said West after briefly explaining the three year process of male impregnation.

Britney Spears; Kidnapped and Replaced

Recently fans have been concerned for Spears and her wellbeing following a series of worrying social media posts made by her father. Spears’ father claimed in his posts that he missed his daughter. and This new person isn’t welcome into [his] life.

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